Yealm and Erme Mission Community
Parishes of Brixton, Holbeton, Newton Ferrers, Noss Mayo, Wembury, Yealmpton


Sunday Worship online from St Peter’s
(EE permitting)
Our Sunday Service will be held at 10.00am using Zoom.
Use the link below to join in:

This will be followed by a short service of Holy Communion in Church and on Zoom.
Please inform Jane Barnett (01752 872663) if you wish to attend

Dear Friends

Most of you will have heard this past week of the good news of my appointment as Rector of the Callington Cluster. Nikki and I will be around until Christmas so we are not going just yet.

This Sunday we are focusing on The Watchman of Ezekiel who was appointed to warn the people of the forthcoming doom. This kind of reminds me of the recent updates on Covid-19 measures from the government, who are there to watch the effects across our country and then warn us to ensure the best outcome. Ezekiel was referred to as the Som of Man and it is interesting that centuries later Jesus is referred to in the same way. In Matthew 21, Jesus stands as a Watchman, challenging the false religion of his day. The beauty of his message is such that the unlikeliest people respond.

Jesus tells the parable of the two sons. The first refuses to work in his father’s vineyard but then changes his mind later. The second promises to go but does not bother. The message here is that performance matters more than promise, or we could put it another way, actions speak louder than words. The application here is that the rebels and the prostitutes and those on the edge are often the ones who hear the watchman, take to heart his instructions and believe. The sting in the tail is that the religious leaders are all words and no trousers, as they say!

So, a good reflective approach for us over the coming week might be to ask ourselves:

How are we watchmen or watchwomen?

What might our warning or message be to the people around us?

Who are the likely rebels who are lost sheep that Jesus calls us to go to?

Where do we fit in to this personally?

These are challenging passages and if we really engage with them, we can discover new treasures that will help us in our own Christian walk as disciples. So, don’t forget to come and join with us as we worship together on Sunday at 10am at St Peter’s Noss Mayo or from the comfort of your own home on ZOOM. And remember that there is also a Communion service at 6pm at Holbeton. May we be faithful watchers, motivated by the love of God, so that people turn and find life in all its fullness.

Revd Joe Lannon (Curate)




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