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Yealm and Erme Mission Community
Parishes of Brixton, Holbeton, Newton Ferrers, Noss Mayo, Wembury, Yealmpton

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Our Sunday Service will be held at 10.00am using Zoom.
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Dear Friends,

Today I’m writing this email sitting in St Peter’s Church building in Noss at what is their second time of opening for morning prayer. Visitors are welcomed by the now familiar hand sanitiser station. They then are directed around this beautiful arts and crafts Church by a series of one way arrows. A good number of the pews are roped off apart from several reserved for private prayer. Already a few familiar faces have appeared that I’ve only viewed virtually these past months via Zoom.

My drive to Noss is often an interesting one. Usually I get stuck behind a tractor or, as was the case today, it’s a farmer on a quad herding his cows from field to field. It was raining and visibility was poor. I sat waiting and watching this comforting agricultural scene typical of these parts. This week and the next our gospel readings are richly agricultural as Jesus unfolds deep truths about the kingdom through the landscape of everyday rural scenery. God is speaking to us as we wait in a foggy lane for the road ahead to open once more to the flow of traffic. So as we wait let’s not miss His voice calling us in this land of mists. And let’s talk to him as we wait together and ask our loving Father to move us safely from one field into another. Our new virtual space is being moved to and we also we wait upon the Lord to lead a new Team Vicar to come join us in the work here at Yealm and Erme.

Please join us at our Sunday morning Zoom service at 10am. And why not come and sit with us each weekday morning (and Saturdays) at 9am for our regular half hour of Morning prayer? As we sit and wait together don’t forget to pray for Alan and Harriet as they take a couple of weeks of well earned rest. And so we wait in this place not wishing to hurry God but to keep in step with the Spirit.


Joe (Curate)

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