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Yealm and Erme Mission Community
Parishes of Brixton, Holbeton, Newton Ferrers, Noss Mayo, Wembury, Yealmpton

Sunday Worship online
Our Sunday Service will be held at 10.00am using Zoom.
Use the link below to join in:

Dear Friends,
At the beginning of the week I was looking for my winter woollies and thinking that that was a short summer! Now, as the week draws to a close it is back to tropical kit. I hope you are able to make the most of these glorious summer days – safely. It is easy to forget that the pandemic is still with us. The news this morning (Friday 31st) of lockdown being imposed on Greater Manchester came as a shock, and, also as a timely reminder. Please be careful and enjoy the current freedom that we have – remember that it is fragile!

I understand that while I took some time out Sunday Zoom services were beset with problems. All should now be functioning correctly, my apologies for the frustration caused and I hope you will give Zoom Church another go this Sunday! There will be an exciting announcement about our new Team Vicar.

Regarding the opening of churches: there are changes afoot, beginning from this Sunday. We will be beginning the transition towards worship in church buildings. Our buildings (with the exception of St Bart’s, Yealmpton, which will remain closed whilst the contractors are in attendance) will be open for private prayer on Sunday 2nd August and on Sundays going forward. They will not be open during the week, so that we can maintain sufficient closed time, thus reducing the need for cleaning. Weddings, funerals and essential maintenance will have some effect on the programme for some churches. We will endeavour to make that known in the News Sheets. The hope is, that these changes will mean that we will be in the right shape and place to begin public worship in church buildings by September.

With love,